#4 The Biggest Mystery of All Time – Why so Few People Know About Spiritual Enlightenment


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This article is the fourth article of the spiritual enlightenment series. I encourage you to read the previous articles before going through that article

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Why so few people know about spiritual enlightenment is probably the biggest mystery of all time. During my personal development journey, I sometimes discover things I didn’t know and wonder why nobody told me that before, but spiritual enlightenment is by far the most shocking revelation ever. Isn’t it crazy? The idea that we are not our body-mind, that all the world is part of the same and unique awareness, that we are not seeing reality as it is and that our true nature is lasting happiness.

In reality, enlightenment has been known for thousands of years. The Buddha awakened 2,500 years ago and Jesus 2,000 years ago. Yet 2,000 years later not much progress has been made. How many people are spiritually awake today?  How many Christians even know that Jesus was enlightened and what enlightenment is all about? It is very unlikely that even the Pope is enlightened.

Isn’t it surprising that in a highly connected world where we are only one click away from all the knowledge in the world and where one stupid video can make the buzz and be seen instantly by millions of people all around the world, enlightenment remains unknown to most of us? Can you believe that enlightenment is not even really part of the countless theory conspiracies existing around the world?

It is true that it might require a lot of work to become spiritually enlightened. Some people might very well spend their entire life trying to reach enlightenment without finding it.

However, this should not prevent people from, at least, knowing what enlightenment is. Shouldn’t we have the freedom to choose whether we are willing to transcend our ego and uncover our true self or not?

So what are the main reasons why so few people know about enlightenment?

People don’t believe in spiritual enlightenment

It is probably the biggest reason. People simply don’t believe in it. That’s why they don’t see the need to learn more about it. The only way to verify whether enlightenment is real would be to experience it which only few people does. Many people may think: “Why should we believe in a minority of people talking about all this spirituality nonsense?” and it is a perfectly valid point.

Having said that, doesn’t it spur your curiosity that people like Buddha or Jesus still have so much impact today, 2,000 years later? What is it in their teaching that resonates with us? There must be something. My assumption is that, without really understanding why, we perceive the truth through their teaching and that triggers something within us. Nature may simply be calling us.

People believe that only very special people can reach spiritual enlightenment

Many people believe that only a handful of very special people can, through many years of practice, reach enlightenment. However, in reality, at least in theory, we can all reach enlightenment since it is the essence of what each of us are!

Unfortunately, it is true that there is no scientific method, at least not yet, that would guarantee the access to enlightenment. Enlightenment requires the entire destruction of our current identity; the identity created by our mind (our story, our beliefs, our identification to our body-mind…). It will generally take thousand of hours of practice but is it a high price to pay for lasting happiness? Try to count how many thousands of hours you watched TV throughout your life? Did it bring you lasting happiness, peace of mind and make your fear of death disappear? Actually, for those who are interested, I don’t see any reason why seeking one’s true nature could not become a hobby like any other. But, it cannot happen if people don’t know about enlightenment.

The ego doesn’t want to know about spiritual enlightenment

I believe the ego is what prevents enlightenment practice to spread. I personally read several books on enlightenment and watched many videos from spiritually enlightened people like Mooji, Adyashanti or Eckhart Tolle. However, I realized how easy it is in our busy life to forget about enlightenment. Even, if I have no doubt that enlightenment is real, still my ego is constantly telling me “Come on, it cannot be real”,  “Maybe it does not exist” or “You would never be able to reach it. Why waste your time?” It is how tricky the ego can be. Enlightenment is the death of the ego and the last thing your ego wants is to die!

The happier you are with your current life, the less likely you are to get interested in enlightenment and practice diligently. However, no matter how happy you think you are right now, from enlightened people’s point of view, you are still living in hell. The Devil is simply a little bit nicer to you. Aren’t you curious to discover what it is that they found that is so extraordinary?

Do you believe in spiritual enlightenment? Are you willing to transcend your ego? Why?

Leave me a comment below to tell me why or why not.

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  • Like yourself I have read many books and watched videos and I am trying hard to get rid of my ego, and until I finally get rid of it I will not be awakend

  • Hey, is spiritual enlightenment not just some nice imagination – of the ego ?? I have been transformed long ago, but nobody wants something like that. Well, of course, I am not a guy with a beared. Richard from Switzland

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