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My personal definition of personal development

What is personal development? I would like to share with you my personal definition of what is personal development. I believe that personal development, ultimately, is about finding who you really are. Most people don’t like to spend time alone and probably don’t spend enough time with themselves to think about who they really are.

Going against the crowd

The reason why we have difficulties to really understand our true self is because our head is filled with all the expectations of our parents, our fears about what people think about us, as well as the tremendous amount of information we received everyday.

Often, we are not doing what we really want to do because we are not equipped with enough confidence or strength to go against the crowd, to pursue our dreams despite our parents and friends opposition.

Making our biggest contribution to the world

However, I do believe that in order to make a bigger contribution, not only to the society, but also to our family and our friends, we should embrace our true character and do what we know we are supposed to do. I have been very fortunate to have such wonderful parents who gave me complete freedom to do what I wanted to do and always trusted me. They never tried to live by proxy and tried to have me fulfilling some of the dreams they couldn’t achieve.

Personal development is about increasing our awareness. It is about finding our life purpose. It is about learning to love ourselves so that we can forget ourselves. When we are at peace with ourselves we can start focusing on others. We are not trying to get something from others but we are giving to others. And because we are giving more, we are receiving more.

Reconnecting with our true self

By undertaking this process of personal development we are reconnecting to our true self and because of that people see us as more authentic and we become more powerful, more grounded, more at peace and start having a positive impact on people around us. As we start living in integrity with ourself, little by little our self-esteems grows and we start taking more action and building more and more momentum.

Learning and growing more each day

Personal development is about growing and learning more each day. Nothing is more fulfilling that feeling we are growing everyday. As says the famous coach Anthony Robbins “Progress is happiness”. The law of the universe is as follows: nothing stand still; it either grows or it decays. Nature gave us the incredible potential to grow. Our brain is an incredibly sophisticated and powerful machine.

Empowering yourself with your thoughts

Unfortunately, it generally takes a lot of self-awareness and work on oneself to realize what we can accomplish once we really make our mind. The main reason why many people don’t live their life to the fullest is not because of their situation but because they are not empowering themselves with their thoughts. Your thoughts determine your actions. That’s why it is so important that you manage your thoughts. Your thoughts are the seeds of your future!

Growing through experience

We don’t have to confine ourself within barriers as if those barriers could not be broken. You might be poor now but it doesn’t mean that you have to be poor for the rest of your life. We might believe that you don’t have any talent. Great news because you don’t need it. You might be shy and believe that being shy is part of who you are but it’s not. Nodoby was born shy and nobody was born confident. In life everything is acquired through experience which means you can acquire any skills you need.

What’s in for you?

My objective with this website is to help you improve yourself by providing you with a personal development plan you can start applying immediately. I will also create self help worksheets and give you useful resources to help you track your progress. I believe that living a fulfilling life is mainly the result of a particular mindset. Once we have successfully changed our mindset and started realizing our potential we can identify our life purpose and take the necessary action.

Let’s your personal development journey begin here!

Thibaut Meurisse

Founder of Whatispersonaldevelopment.org

email: thibaut.meurisse@gmail.com

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